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Kayla Cooley

Suicide researcher, non-profit co-founding director & chair, and suicide intervention techniques instructor. Kayla is a member of the Loss & Grief Research Group and the Health Education & Social Research Group under the Social Science ConneXions Research Institute at the Technological University of the Shannon (Midwest) researching suicide content online.

Graduated with honours (1:1) BA (Hons) Social Care Work
Social Care Ireland Award for Academic Excellence
LIT Research Fellowship Scholarship Awardee
TUS President’s Doctoral Scholarship Awardee
Student’s Union of Ireland Award for Outstanding Activism in Mental Health
Successfully transferred to the doctoral register (2022)List item

Recent Work

  • Social Sciences ConneXions Spring Series, February 2024. Presentation entitled – Somewhere Between Methodology and Madness.
  • Poster Fest Finalist – Technological University of the Shannon, May 2023.
  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Conference (University of Limerick), 18 May 2023. Poster: Thematic and Content Analysis of Pro-Suicide Content.
  • Social Sciences ConneXions Autumn Series in November 2022. Presentation entitled – Killer Content: Suicide & The Media.
  • The Association for the Study of Death and Society‘s International Conference on the Social Context of Death, Dying and Disposal: Diversity and Decolonisation September 2021. Presentation entitled – Apart in Life but Together in Death – A Content Analysis of Suicide Methods Chosen by People Seeking Suicide Partners Online.
  • Shannon Region Postgraduate Conference in May 2021. Presentation entitled – Final Journeys, Beachy Head and Suicide.
  • Sociological Association of Ireland’s PG Annual Conference in February 2021. Presentation entitled – Apart in Life but Together in Death – A content analysis of suicide methods chosen by people who are seeking suicide partners online.

Current research

My current research is centred on the examination of suicide, with particular emphasis on pro-suicide content found online. This area of study allows me to engage deeply with a range of subjects including cybersuicide, suicide pacts, the phenomenon of suicide contagion, various suicide methods, as well as broader themes such as dark tourism, the processes of death and dying, internet studies, and the analysis of popular culture. You’ll sometimes find posts from me on these topics here!

Suicide Methods
Locations of Suicide
Dual Death
Online Extremism
Internet CultureList item
Queer & Lesbian Studies
Human & Social Geography