Hey, I’m Kayla 👋

PhD candidate, researcher, educator, writer, and non-profit director. I like to think and talk about all things LGBTQ+ culture, suicide research and community building!

Suicide Research

My academic work focuses on suicide. I’m using critical suicidology to learn more about suicide methods, the geography of suicide and more.

Community Management

I’m running a digital community of over 700 international postgraduate students. I get to work with very cool people on community engagement and growth every single day.

Want to work with me?

My interests are wide and varied but at the same time can be pretty niche. I always thought this would be limiting in some way but I’ve found the opposite to be true.

Women in history, LGBTQ+ culture, digital extremism, virtual networks, suicide and society – I’m certain we’ll find something to talk about!

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